What's the deal?

New Zealanders from all walks of life are concerned about climate change and want our government to do more about it.

Earlier this year, over 16,000 groups and individuals made formal submissions on New Zealand’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Over 99% called for a stronger target than the government chose. Climate Change Minister Tim Groser dismissed these submissions, saying they mostly came from “environmental groups”.

If you want the true story, have a read through some of the passionate and well-reasoned calls to action from businesses, faith groups, health organisations, local councils, researchers, and more. Then help us spread the word that Kiwis want real climate action.

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“New Zealand is well positioned to lead: we are a small, stable, relatively wealthy country with amazing renewable resources.”
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Pure Advantage

“Pure Advantage believes the message from Government must be clear that environmental sustainability and economic growth are not mutually exclusive. Emissions reduction is an economic opportunity.”
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Sustainable Business Council

“Businesses are at risk if we cannot develop and implement a credible plan for transitioning to a low carbon economy.”
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Z Energy

“We acknowledge and accept the science of climate change and believe that, as a transport energy company with no upstream oil and gas exploration interests, we are in a unique position to move from being part of this problem, to being at the heart of the solution.”
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Charitable organisations

Oxfam NZ

“All major economies and leading international development agencies agree that the world must transition to a low-carbon economy. New Zealand is not exempt - we must move, and we will move, toward a low-carbon future.”
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UNICEF New Zealand

“We wish to make the case that inaction towards climate change is a violation of child rights.”
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Faith groups

Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand

“New Zealand needs to be a bold and ambitious thought leader, not a timid and responsive follower.”
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Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

“"...we are called by God to care for the natural world and for our neighbors, especially those most vulnerable. The potential devastation threatened by climate change to both the environment and the human community dwarfs other concerns.”
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Health Organisations

Moana Ola Pasifika Health Network

“There are many co-benefits to health, equity and the economy from action to reduce emissions.”
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New Zealand Medical Students Association

“The actions that have been taken by the government to reduce emissions up until now have failed to curb emissions growth.”
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New Zealand Nurses Organisation

“The cost of inaction on climate change will have a substantial and negative impact on population health.”
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Local Councils

Christchurch City Council

“The many benefits of an innovative, efficient, resilient, knowledge based economy appear to be missing from the discussions.”
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Greater Wellington Regional Council

“Transitioning to a low carbon economy creates a real opportunity to invest in a safe and prosperous future where everyone is better off.”
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Research institutions and academics

Landcare Research

“At $70 per tonne of CO2, the estimated impacts to New Zealand's economy for achieving the climate change reduction target are typically lower than the benefits of doing so. Therefore, New Zealand should be willing to reduce its emissions by at least 30% below 1990 levels.”
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Professor Grant Guilford (Vice-Chancellor, VUW)

“I fear the imminence and the gravity of the situation faced by the world has not yet been grasped.”
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Royal Society of New Zealand

“The best way to ensure a healthy future for the New Zealand economy is to take a leading role in the transition to a zero-emissions future, by setting a clear example now.”
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Other Organisations

Climate Change Iwi Leadership Group

“The benefits that flow from forestry, and especially the potential for large-scale afforestation on marginal erosion-prone, Maori-owned lands are now generally accepted.”
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First Union

“We demand a just transition to a low-carbon economy, in which workers’ access to a decent job, their wages and their conditions are protected.”
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Insurance Council of New Zealand

“New Zealand’s emissions profile and its heavy reliance on agriculture exports suggests more focus is needed on diversifying our export base as we seek to transition to a low carbon economy.”
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National Council of Women New Zealand

“New Zealand needs to be bold and not unnecessarily cautious, as it is caution in the past quarter century that has led to the present far more threatening global situation.”
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