Royal Society of New Zealand

The Royal Society of New Zealand is an independent statutory organisation that promotes and advances science, technology and the humanities in New Zealand. It is made up of New Zealand's top scientists and scholars.

The Society wants to see New Zealand contribute effectively to the global effort to avoid dangerous climate change. They state that the government's current proposed long-term target of a 50% emissions reduction below 1990 levels by 2050 is in stark contrast with the targets of industrialised countries like the US, Europe and Japan and that this is inconsistent with the goals of contributing fairly to a global agreement on climate change and maintaining our "clean and green" image.

The Society's submission also emphasised that urgent action is required now to avoid significant and long-lasting changes to the environment. They advocated for a target of around 40% below 1990 gross emission levels by 2030, and a longer-term global goal of zero emissions by around 2070 or earlier.

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