Sustainable Business Council

The Sustainable Business Council is an executive-led group of companies that advocates a better way of doing business to create a sustainable future for New Zealand. SBC has 79 members, including many of New Zealand's largest businesses across a wide range of industries.

SBC wants to see collaboration between business and government, in order to come up with a shared understanding for what a low carbon economy looks like, a clear plan for the transition, and the first steps underway. They are concerned that inaction would leave New Zealand exposed as other economies and business models transition to a low carbon future. 

The Sustainable Business Council's submission advocated for:

  • Fuel and energy efficiency measures
  • Support for new technologies like electric vehicles
  • Long-term policy certainty so that biofuel initiatives can thrive
  • Research into areas like improved nitrogen management and reduced n-leaching
  • More focus on the emissions intensity of our products and services.

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